Starlight - 3 In A Bundle
Starlight - 3 In A Bundle
Starlight - 3 In A Bundle
Starlight - 3 In A Bundle
Starlight - 3 In A Bundle
Starlight - 3 In A Bundle
Starlight - 3 In A Bundle

Starlight - 3 In A Bundle

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Your family's lives matter. Your life matters.

When your car breaks down at night & oncoming cars are speeding towards your direction, risking your life! Is that worth it?

Can you imagine the risks & danger you're putting your family and yourself into?

Starlight is an LED safety flare that is a life-time insurance! Your life is priceless & this will definitely help reduce all these accidents!

With 12 LEDs & 9 different strobe modes, it's so attractively bright that it can warn vehicles of your emergency!

In case you need extra lights to see in the dark, it has 3 white LEDs on the front that you can use it as a flashlight!

You can stick them onto your car & they're IP65 waterproof, perfect for any weather condition!

Its a much better alternative to the traditional reflective triangles & cones as they need the light source hitting it directly, meaning other road traffic will not see it until they are already driving upon them!

A car accidentally runs over your LED road flare? No worries! It's so strong & durable that it can bear against a truck going over it!

It's an effective tool to be used in emergency situations as the LED light can be noticed 1 mile away! Use it on the road, the car or any emergency situation!

What's more, it comes 3 in a pack for you to arrange them to lead the traffic away from your vehicle! 

You can also buy it as a gift for your family & loved ones! Protect your family & yourself from unnecessary accidents! 

Feel Safer On The Road, Your Life Matter!


✔️12 + 3 LED Lights

✔️Comes 3 In A Pack

✔️9 Different Light Strobe Modes

✔️IP65 Waterproof 

✔️Strong Built-In Recessed Magnets 

✔️Shockproof & Crush-proof

✔️Safe Alternative To Traditional Burning Flares

✔️Great Gift For Your Family & Loves Ones