The ShootLoc®
The ShootLoc®
The ShootLoc®
The ShootLoc®
The ShootLoc®
The ShootLoc®

The ShootLoc®

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Simple Basketball Training Aid to Make More Shots, Make Better Passes, & Handle the Ball Like a Pro...Instantly!

The Basketball Training Aid automatically provides better control of the basketball when shooting which means you'll make more shots, and control the ball better when dribbling and passing by properly spacing your fingers to provide maximum control of the basketball.

The easy to use Hot Shot automatically solves these problems by properly spacing the fingers and keeping the basketball off the palm.

By training with The Basketball Training Aid, you'll develop new muscle memory and learn how the basketball should feel in your hand when held properly.

When wearing The Basketball Training Aid your child will be able to shoot with great rotation on the basketball which means even if their shot isn't perfect it will have a better chance to still go in - This is called having the Shooter's Touch.

By having the Shooter's Touch your child can easily score 4-6 more points per game because the ball will bounce softly on the basket and have a much better chance to roll in. With the weird spin on the ball, the basketball will more likely go flying out giving your child less of a chance to make the basket.

All your child has to do is put on the easy to wear Hot Shot and start shooting. No more shooting with the fingers too close together or changing finger position on the release of the shot.

The Basketball Training Aid instantly:

  • Spaces fingers properly for better control of the basketball for shooting, dribbling, and passing.

  • Keeps the fingers of the shooting hand in the same position at the beginning and the end of the shot for better rotation and control of the ball.

  • Keeps the ball off the palm so shooters are using their finger pads to control the shot which gives the shooter the best chance of making the shot.

Here's how it should happen. The space between your fingers should be the same when you catch the ball and after you release the ball.

You'll see players who bring their fingers together on the release. That puts a weird spin on the ball and they have less control of the ball. They are almost squeezing the ball out of their hand.

The Basketball Training Aid will also...

Help develop a one-handed catch with the off-hand just providing stability and balance in catching the ball. This will make you a quicker shooter meaning you'll get more shots off in games.

The Basketball Training Aid comes in 3 sizes so any player at any age can use it to perfect their shot. The Hot Shot is sold individually. Order two to wear on both hands.

Basketball Training Aid is very comfortable to wear.

Don't wait. Order today so you can start training with the Hot Shot Basketball Training Aid and start making more shots in games.