MEGABear™ Puller
MEGABear™ Puller
MEGABear™ Puller
MEGABear™ Puller
MEGABear™ Puller
MEGABear™ Puller
MEGABear™ Puller

MEGABear™ Puller

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High Strength, Durable, Convenient, and Multi-Purpose

Premium 9Pcs MEGABear™ Puller

It is finally here! The MEGABear™ Puller makes bearing removal fast and easy. Expertly dismount bearings with less effort! MEGABear™ Puller is all you need to get the job done.



The 9Pcs MEGABear™ Puller is a multi-functional, high strength, and practical tool that removes snug blind hole bearing easily. Extract any 8mm to 32mm sized internal bearings from bicycles, motorcycles, automotive, machine, or pumps. It is convenient, quick, and simple to use without damaging your parts!



Product Details

Product Features:

  • Strong and Functional Bearing Tool – Engineered to help easily remove or dismount blind housing inner bearings without damaging it.

  • Durable, High-Quality Materials – It is made from tough and long-lasting heat-treated carbon steel. It also has a black oxide finish that is resistant to corrosion.

  • Easy to Use – Very easy to assemble and operate. It provides a robust, secured multi-point grip that can help you save time and energy with your work.

  • High Compatibility – The set comes with eight different sized bearing puller well-suited for all vehicles and machines with 8mm to 32mm bearings.

  • Convenient Storage – A hard plastic case protects parts of the bearing puller kit against scratches and rattling. It is easy to store and has a handle so you can take it anywhere with you.

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    Product Specifications:

  • Materials: Carbon steel and aluminum alloy with black oxide finish surface

  • Inside the Kit:
        • 1 Slide Hammer
        • 8 Pieces of Inner Bearing Puller

  • Storage: Hard Plastic Box Organizer
  • Bearing Puller Sizes:

    •  8 to 10MM (51/6 - 13/32 inch)
    • 10 to 12MM (13/32 - 15/32 inch)
    • 12 to 14MM (15/32 - 9/19 inch)
    • 15 to 17MM (9/32 - 11/16 inch)
    • 17 to 20MM (11/16 to 25/32 inch)
    • 20 to 24MM (25/32 - 15/16 inch)
    • 25 to 29MM (1 - 1 1/8 inches)
    • 30 to 32mm (1 3/16 - 1 1/4 inches)


    How to Use Inner Bearing Puller Kit?

    These are the quick steps on how to remove bore bearing with the Blind Hole Inner Bearing Puller Set:

    1. Lay the wheel on its side with the bearings exposed. Insert clamps on the internal bearing hole.

    2. Use the slide hammer to open the clamps by turning it clockwise. Do this until clamps are entirely secured.

    3. Pump the handle on the slide hammer outwards until the bearing comes loose.


    9PC Blind Hole Inner Bearing Puller Set Benefits

      • Saves Time and Energy – Quick and easy to assemble. You can extract any bearing easily in just a few quick steps.

  • Sturdy and Robust – It is heavy-duty and damage resistant. This tool is made to last a long time.

    • Multi-Purpose and Versatile – An inexpensive tool that you can use on any vehicle or machine bearings with sizes between 8 to 32mm.

    • Useful and Very Effective – It applies even force on the bearing to avoid warping or causing damage to it.

    • Convenient and Practical – The sturdy plastic case is easy to put away and carry anywhere.