DIY Glass Bottle Cutter Tools Creative Handicrafts
DIY Glass Bottle Cutter Tools Creative Handicrafts
DIY Glass Bottle Cutter Tools Creative Handicrafts

DIY Glass Bottle Cutter Tools Creative Handicrafts

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Are there any old wine bottles or glass bottles? This kit will let you release your inner artists and turn them into cool and functional artistic masterpieces!      

Our glass bottle cutter kit can turn old bottles and jars into practical artworks!    

    Create your own vases, glassware, different kinds of brackets, ashtrays, lamps and aquariums, etc. 

    The tool   is very simple and easy to use, anyone can have fun!  Just pick up an old wine bottle, place it on a stand, apply pressure and rotate. After washing the bottle with hot and cold water, you will get a   perfectly cut bottle with smooth edges! 


    • Adjustable length and indentation -Adjustable hole design allows you to cut from the top or bottom of the glass bottle and glass bottle. Suitable for all beer/wine/glass wine bottles.  
    • Cutting own beer bottle - Adjustable direction beer can be made into your own style bottles. The powerful blade can score the bottle well and smooth the edges.  
    • Stable and durable -Increase friction to make it more stable. Made of high-quality metal, it is light but strong and durable. Easy to keep and clean.  
    • Easy to use -just place the bottle on the cutter, keep the bottle at a constant and moderate pressure, then place it in boiling water and cold water alternately heated for 3 times to bathe.   
    • Economy and Environment -Through your creative recycling ideas and manual practices, decorate your unique beautiful life and help you make your own contribution to environmental protection. Recycle your glass bottles to create your own artwork.  

    how to use

    1. Position the bottle

    Place the bottle longitudinally on the cutter, the bottom is flush with the support frame, and placed on the roller. The position of the backstop and the rear roller determine the position of the cut bottle.

    To adjust the length, loosen the screw and slide the stopper and roller backward to shorten the cutting length, and slide backward to extend the length.

    2. Etched glass

    Only light etching is required. When rotating the bottle in the direction of the bottle by hand, only a small pressure is applied to the bottle. To ensure accurate cutting, please keep the bottle close to the back.

    When scoring and etching, do not stop the bottle from rotating. A slight rattle will indicate that the etching is complete. Just rotate the bottle once.

    3. Separate the bottle

    Soak the bottle in boiling water (the score must be covered) and slowly rotate the bottle in one direction for one to two minutes.

    Then quickly immerse it in cold water and spin for one to two minutes. You may hear a "click" sound, indicating that the etching is cracking and you can separate the bottle.

    Sometimes, it is necessary to repeat the steps of soaking the boiling water and cold water several times according to the thickness of the glass.

    4. Smooth edges

    To prevent chipping, gently wipe the inner and outer edges with polishing paper. After a short time, the edges of the glass will become completely flat and gray in appearance.


    • Color: transparent
    • Cutting length: 20mm-320mm
    • Cutting diameter: 20mm-230mm
    • Cutter size: 20cm * 15cm * 7.3cm