PowerGras™ Derusting Weeding Wheel!
PowerGras™ Derusting Weeding Wheel!
PowerGras™ Derusting Weeding Wheel!
PowerGras™ Derusting Weeding Wheel!

PowerGras™ Derusting Weeding Wheel!

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Sharp Weed Brushes - The ABEDOE Derusting Weeding Wheel is fully made from carbon steel wire, knotted together to form a fast-acting, uninterrupted weed cutter. 

 Indestructible Wheel and Brush Structure - This weeding wheel is designed to withstand tension from hitting stones, bricks, and hard garden floors. 

Internal Fixed Plate - Our product is equipped with a heavy-duty plate holding the brushes firmly to warrant safety while catering to long hours of horticultural tasks.

 Rounded Wheel Edges - The weeding wheel has sharp, rounded edges to ensure that weeds and grass are cut thoroughly and evenly.  

 Pole-Compatible - This product can easily be attached to most gardening poles, cleaning, and polishing tool poles. 

 Tarnish-Resistant - We are proud to say that the ABEDOE Weeding Wheel is not easily rusted. Thus, it can provide service at its finest for many years. 


Product Specifications

  • Equipment Type: Electricity-dependent
  • Net Weight: Approximately 590 grams
  • Material: Carbon steel
  • Color: Silver
  • Sizes Available: 150MMx150MM ; 200MMx200MM


Benefits of the ABEDOE Derusting Weeding Wheel 

  • Effortless Attachment and Detachment - You will not have a stressful time figuring out how to start using this wheel or how to store it right after. Its assembling and disassembling process is simple as push in and pull out. 

    • Consistent and Equal Results - The design and form of the ABEDOE Weeding Wheel are intended to deliver the same level of output anytime, anywhere, and on any ground. 

    • Money-Saving - And because our product has been tried and tested to be durable, efficient, and successful in its role, rest assured that you will not need to purchase a similar product for a long time. 


    How To Use

    Refer to this short guide below on how to use the ABEDOE Derusting Weeding Wheel:

    1. Ready the wheel and the pole that will go with it. 
    2. Attach the pole to the middle of the weeding wheel. 
    3. Check if the pole is affixed tightly into the wheel and that the pole is not slanted.
    4. Your ABEDOE Derusting Weeding Wheel is all set to do its job!